Ed the Sock is back with great tunes for you to discover from across Canada! Rock, hip hop, punk, pop and some we can’t really categorize! There’s a ton of talent coast-to-coast and we’re sharing it with you one show at a time!

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00:00 – Ed the Sock
03:08 – “Take All Of Me” by Gina Williams
07:29 – Ed the Sock
09:44 – “Brighter Days Ahead” by Red Dirt Skinners
13:47 – “The Girl with the Iron Nose” by Jake Neumann
17:22 – “For The Other Ones” by Arbutus Roots
22:01 – Ed the Sock
23:58 – “Touch” by Whale and the Wolf
27:28 – Ed the Sock
29:02 – “RWLYD” by Monowhales
32:13 – Ed the Sock
32:25 – “Bring Me Down” by We Were Sharks
34:38 – “Siren Song” by Blackout Orchestra
38:35 – Ed the Sock
41:20 – “Victory feat. Matt Lefait” by One8tea
44:55 – “Fade Away” by Aza Nabuko
49:38 – “Holding On To You” by Of Treble And Soul
52:36 – Ed the Sock