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Welcome to NewMusicNation, a video music platform with the spirit of classic Muchmusic featuring independent (mostly Canadian) music!

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Punk Rock legend John Tard and special guest, offbeat artist extraordinaire Al Runt , introduce the best punk music from across Canada – Fully Crazed, Death Sentence, Fifteen Rockets, Dimension Boys, Maladjusted, Back Breaker, Ship of Fools, Lime Ricky, Angry Spells and Bad Waitress!

Show Rundown
John Tard Segment #1 – 0:06
Song #1 – “Crabs” by Fully Crazed – 3:38
John Tard Segment #2 – 5:57
Song #2 – “Danger Zone” by Death Sentence – 7:16
Song #3 – “Something Better” by Fifteen Rockets – 12:54
John Tard Segment #3 – 16:50
Song #4 – “Elevator” by Dimension Boys – 17:24
Song #5 – “Maladjusted by Prior Convictions – 19:27
Song #6 – “Union Made” by Backbreaker – 21:41
John Tard Segment #4 – 24:05
Song #7 – “Open for Business” by Ship of Fools – 24:41
Song #8 – “Hundreds of Hangovers” by Lime Ricky – 27:44
Song #9 – “F.U.C.K.” by Angry Spells – 31:26
John Tard Segment #5 – 32:40
Song #10 – “That Sedative” by Bad Waitress – 34:21
John Tard Segment #6 – 36:44


Punk Projekt 3

John Tard returns with the best punk music from coast to coast! This episode includes Fully Crazed, Death Sentence, 15 Rockets, Ship of Fools, Lime Ricky, Angry Spells and Bad Waitress! As a bonus, John is joined by Al Runt, one of Toronto’s most subversive artists!


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MuchMusic came back on social media –
but is it any good?

One of the fun things about old MuchMusic of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s was its shaggy quality. Most of the best programming wasn’t tightly-edited clips filled with jump cuts and post-production gags – it was live, seat-of-your-pants TV.

If you’re missing that, Ed The Sock’s NewMusicNation is the one for you. The format of all the shows will feel instantly familiar to anyone who watched too many hours of Much back in those days. It’s a simple format: a host with a mic somewhere on the streets of Toronto (or London, Ontario) introducing a handful of music videos.

Read the whole article at Now Toronto

Sweet Sixteen

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