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Welcome to NewMusicNation, a video music platform with the spirit of classic Muchmusic featuring independent (mostly Canadian) music!

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Yo Canada – Episode 6!

Winter’s coming – and Ed feels it! After all, he’s cotton, not wool! But he sticks it out on the streets of Toronto to present the best new music videos from across Canada. Discover music you never knew existed with Yo Canada!


Yo Canada – Episode 5

Ed the Sock is back with great tunes for you to discover from across Canada! Rock, hip hop, punk, pop and some we can’t really categorize! There’s a ton of talent coast-to-coast and we’re sharing it with you one show at a time!

Support us in our goal to re-create a national platform for Canadian indie music:

00:00 – Ed the Sock
03:08 – “Take All Of Me” by Gina Williams
07:29 – Ed the Sock
09:44 – “Brighter Days Ahead” by Red Dirt Skinners
13:47 – “The Girl with the Iron Nose” by Jake Neumann
17:22 – “For The Other Ones” by Arbutus Roots
22:01 – Ed the Sock
23:58 – “Touch” by Whale and the Wolf
27:28 – Ed the Sock
29:02 – “RWLYD” by Monowhales
32:13 – Ed the Sock
32:25 – “Bring Me Down” by We Were Sharks
34:38 – “Siren Song” by Blackout Orchestra
38:35 – Ed the Sock
41:20 – “Victory feat. Matt Lefait” by One8tea
44:55 – “Fade Away” by Aza Nabuko
49:38 – “Holding On To You” by Of Treble And Soul
52:36 – Ed the Sock


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MuchMusic came back on social media –
but is it any good?

One of the fun things about old MuchMusic of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s was its shaggy quality. Most of the best programming wasn’t tightly-edited clips filled with jump cuts and post-production gags – it was live, seat-of-your-pants TV.

If you’re missing that, Ed The Sock’s NewMusicNation is the one for you. The format of all the shows will feel instantly familiar to anyone who watched too many hours of Much back in those days. It’s a simple format: a host with a mic somewhere on the streets of Toronto (or London, Ontario) introducing a handful of music videos.

Read the whole article at Now Toronto

Sweet Sixteen

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